10 Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss While Traveling

Sticking to a healthy routine is challenging enough on its own, but throw in downtime in airports, hotel food, and unfamiliar surroundings, and it’s easy to see why maintaining weight loss while traveling is challenging. To keep you on the right path, our experts share their best tips on how you can make your next trip a success and keep the weight off.

Tip #1: Create support

If you’re traveling with friends, family, or coworkers, make them aware of your plan to maintain healthy eating habits while on your trip. Gaining the support of travel companions can make all the difference. This way they won’t tempt you with unhealthy foods and will help support you in making the right food choices while away.

Tip #2: Plan ahead

Research the area you plan to visit and get an idea of the food options you’ll have available. Will you be at a convention center each for work-related matters? Are you visiting theme parks on a leisure vacation? Once you have a solid idea of the food options, you can create a travel meal strategy that mimics what you’re used to at home.

Tip #3: Stay active

When you’re planning your activities for the trip, make sure to think about getting and keeping your body moving. If you’re taking a leisure vacation, plan activities like swimming, hiking, and bike rides. If your trip is business-related, walk as much as possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and skip the car service if it’s a short distance.

Tip #4: Make some of your meals

It’s difficult, but not impossible, to maintain weight loss when you’re eating all your meals out. Book a room with a kitchenette if possible or request a mini-fridge. You can go to a local market and pick up easy-to-prepare, grab-and-go foods so that you’re mixing in healthy, self-prepared meals. Here are some ideas:

You can prepare several healthy meals and snacks using these items and take them with you in collapsible containers for easy storage.

Tip #4: Get enough sleep

When your days are filled with plenty of things to do and see, sleep can easily become the last priority. However, it’s important to get quality sleep while away. Sleep is crucial for regulating hormones related to weight management. Missing just 30 minutes of sleep is shown to throw hormones out of whack the next day, increasing appetite and promoting weight gain.

Tip #5: Practice mindfulness

Being mindful of how much you’re eating, when you’re eating, and what you’re eating is a powerful way to self-regulate while away. People who eat mindfully are more likely to stay keyed into their body’s senses and stop eating when they’re full. Avoid eating on the go and multitasking during a meal. Plan your meals so that you can sit down without distractions and enjoy a healthy meal. Eat slowly and pay attention to your body’s signals.

Tip #6: Take a diet journal

People who use a diet journal not only lose more weight, they’re more likely to stick to their diet plan, even while away from home. Diet journaling is a simple, yet powerful way to stay accountable.

Tip #7: Splurge smart

It’s unrealistic to think that you won’t deviate from your diet and splurge one bit while traveling, but you can soften the blow by splurging smart. Here are some ways to accomplish this:

By making up for your splurge in other areas of your diet and activities, you don’t have to feel guilty about treating yourself during your trip.

Tip #8: Stick to sit down restaurants

That fried turkey leg at the theme park and triple cheese mac and cheese at the convention center have one thing in common: They’re diet-busters. Laden with high amounts of fat and sugar, theme park meals go well beyond splurging and should be avoided altogether. Stick to sit down restaurants where you can choose grilled lean meats and vegetables to avoid packing on the pounds.

Tip #9: Watch your beverages

Between cocktails, wine, beer, and caffeinated beverages with whipped cream and all the fancy syrups and fixings, you can easily drink your way up the scale while traveling. However, one 5-ounce glass of wine here or there during your stay is unlikely to cause problems. Here are some ways to drink smart:

Tip #10: Don’t stress

Avoid stressing out on your trip. Stress sets off a chain of chemical reactions that raise blood sugar, stimulate appetite, and promote fat storage rather than calorie burn. Whether you’re dealing with a busy airport, long lines at activities, or the stress of finding healthy food, it’s important to take a deep breath and remember to relax.

These tips should get you off to a good start on your next trip so that you come back with souvenirs instead of extra pounds.

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