Boosting Your Confidence and Blasting Stubborn Fat with SculpSure

Washington Healthcare Center, SculpSure

Stubborn pockets of fat that just don’t go away regardless of how much you exercise or diet are frustrating and take a toll on your confidence. These areas can make you feel self-conscious in a swimsuit or make you less than eager to attend an upcoming reunion. Blast these areas of fat with the state-of-the-art laser treatment known as SculpSure®.

SculpSure eliminates fat in stubborn areas including your love handles, abdomen, thighs, and back and under your chin. Conventional diet and exercise may shrink your overall size, but SculpSure targets these specific areas that continue to hang on after you’ve lost weight.

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure uses laser technology to target the fat cells that lie beneath the surface of your skin. The energy heats up these fat cells to a point at which they lose their integrity and die. Your body then eliminates them through its natural waste removal system, known as the lymphatic system.


Fat cells destroyed with SculpSure are permanently lost. Your body does not create new ones in their place, and the eliminated cells cannot plump back up. If you do gain significant weight, the gain distributes throughout your body — not just at the sites targeted with SculpSure treatment.

What are the benefits of SculpSure?

With conventional weight loss, your fat cells shrink but are not eliminated forever. When you gain weight, these cells plump right back up. With SculpSure, fat cells are permanently destroyed.

Plus, SculpSure is completely noninvasive. It involves no incisions, no blood loss, and no stitches. Because it’s noninvasive, you also have no risk of infection following treatment. At Washington Healthcare Center, we can treat multiple areas of your body in one session, saving you time.

Unlike surgical weight loss and body contouring, such as liposuction, you can go right back to your daily activities after a session. There’s no need to limit your workout routine or take time off work or social obligations.

What does SculpSure feel like?

As the SculpSure wand moves across your skin, you feel warmth and tingling. Most people tolerate the treatment quite well and report minimal discomfort. Each session takes just about 25 minutes, so you can schedule it during your lunch hour or right after work. Treated areas may be slightly reddened following your session, but this discoloration fades quickly.

How effective is SculpSure?

SculpSure destroys up to 24% of fat cells in any given treatment area. The team at Washington Healthcare Center sets up a customized treatment plan for you that usually includes multiple sessions to get you the results you want. SculpSure is FDA-cleared too, so you can trust its safety and effectiveness.

You start to notice results about six weeks after a session. Optimal results show up after about 12 weeks. Your body needs this time to eliminate the disrupted fat cells. So if you’re getting ready for a big event or swimsuit season, schedule your sessions appropriately in advance to look your best.

Washington Healthcare Center is proud to support your aesthetic and health goals. SculpSure is just one of the many ways our team of providers enhances your overall quality of life.  

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