How to Stay Active Despite Asthma

Physical fitness and good health go hand-in-hand, but if you have asthma, being active can be a challenge. You don’t need to limit your activity to avoid symptoms. Building your stamina and working your respiratory system can actually help boost your lung health.

Follow smart strategies to ensure you can reap the benefits of staying active without triggering your asthma symptoms. At Washington Healthcare Center, we help people in the Pasadena area manage their medications and triggers so asthma doesn’t interrupt life. Read on to learn what you can do to stay active despite asthma.

Consult us first

Before starting a new exercise plan, make an appointment at our office. We’ll discuss your concerns and help you determine if the desired activity is a good idea for you. Then we can help you create an asthma action plan.

Keep medications within reach

Depending on your particular asthma situation, you may need a quick-relief medicine prior to activity. This can help you avoid symptoms in the first place. And have an inhaler nearby if you do experience trouble breathing during activity. If you start feeling asthma symptoms, quit the activity and use the inhaler as soon as possible.

Choose smart activities

You may feel better doing certain activities as compared to others. For example, swimming is a smart choice because the humid, warm air can keep symptoms at bay. If you work out in the gym, consider taking slightly longer breaks between sets.

Warm up correctly

Many exercisers skip the warmup, but it can be the most important part of your activity. Warm up with light activity for 5-10 minutes before going at a higher intensity. This eases your body into the exercise and helps your lungs get ready, too.

Exercise indoors

You may want to be outside, but if you have allergy-induced asthma, a controlled environment with air conditioning is probably your best bet. A gym, recreation center, or even your own basement are options.

If you really want to be outdoors, go early as allergy triggers are usually less virulent in the early morning. Steer clear of areas of pollution and car exhaust. Spring and summer can be some of the worst times for those with asthma because air pollution and pollen are often at their highest. Check the air quality before heading outdoors.

Enlist a partner

Physical activity is more fun when you have friends. They keep you accountable, and you can be sure someone is around if your symptoms flare-up.

At Washington Healthcare, our team wants to help you live the best life possible, asthma or not. Don’t let asthma keep you from doing the activities you love. If you experience an asthma attack while exercising despite your efforts to keep symptoms away, contact us immediately and we can help.

Talk to the doctors at our office to develop your personal asthma plan. And if you’re having uncontrollable symptoms, contact us for immediate urgent care help. Call or book an appointment using this website.

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