Live in the Body You Want This Year with SculpSure

SculpSure, Washington Healthcare

You can get the body shape you want without invasive liposuction or plastic surgery. SculpSure body contouring is a noninvasive laser-based technology that requires absolutely no downtime and provides fantastic results. That’s why we offer it at Washington Healthcare.

If you are at or near your ideal weight but have those rolls around your middle, large thighs, back fat, or a double chin, consider SculpSure to erase these imperfections and help you achieve a body to flaunt in 2019.

SculpSure is simple and effective

During a SculpSure session, a licensed technician at our office applies the device’s wand to your skin to deliver laser energy that penetrates the outer layer of your skin. The energy delves into the fat underneath your dermis to heat up fat cells. The heat disrupts their integrity so they’re too damaged to survive. Your body then disposes of these useless fat cells through your natural lymphatic system.

A session lasts just 25 minutes. You feel alternating sensations of heating and cooling as you relax. The procedure also causes some tingling that can be slightly uncomfortable, but completely tolerable.

Afterward, you can go back to work, school, lunch with your friends, or even the gym for a workout. You may have slight redness and tenderness in a treatment area, but that’s it. And these side effects fade within a day or two.

How to know if SculpSure is right for you

If you’re of a normal body weight, but have areas such as love handles or a muffin top that diet or exercise can’t spot-reduce no matter how hard you try, SculpSure may be right for you. SculpSure is not a comprehensive weight-loss tool, so you should be within 30 pounds of your ideal weight.

Changes in a few months

While many people see results after one treatment, most appreciate the results that occur after a series of treatments. Each session destroys up to 24% of fat cells in the treatment area. Sessions are usually scheduled six weeks apart.

Your body takes a little time to evacuate the treated fat cells, so you start to see results only after six weeks. Optimal results happen after 12 weeks. But with no downtime, it’s worth the wait of SculpSure, and you’ll still enjoy a new physique in 2019.

Permanent change

You get a new body in 2019 with results that last into 2020 and beyond. SculpSure results are permanent — the destroyed fat cells cannot regenerate or swell up. But if you should gain weight, remaining fat cells may plump, so it’s best you do all you can to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

With traditional weight loss through diet and exercise, fat cells simply shrink — they aren’t destroyed or eliminated from your body.

If you have trouble areas that are keeping you from having a body you want to show off, talk to the team at Washington Healthcare about SculpSure body contouring. You can slim those areas you thought you had to just live with so you become a svelter, more confident you. Call the office or book an appointment using this site to find out more.

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