Sick of Stubborn Belly Fat? SculpSure® Can Help

Sick of Stubborn Belly Fat? SculpSure Can Help

You’ve been working hard, eating all the right foods, making it to the gym, doing your crunches, and going to Pilates class. But even after all that, you still can’t seem to lose that layer of fat on your belly. You’re not alone. Getting the perfect body is difficult. And, as it turns out, losing belly fat may be the hardest of all.

But at Lasercare Skin Clinic we have a solution that won’t require more workouts or less food. SculpSure®  is a non-invasive body-sculpting laser treatment that can help you get rid of stubborn belly fat for good.

Why can’t I lose the fat?

When you lose weight, you don’t get to pick and choose where the weight comes off. Most of that is left up to your genetics and gender. Unfortunately, the fat on the belly may be the hardest for both men and women to lose. For men, it’s the pot belly and for women the extra fat they carry in the lower abs.

And you can’t spot reduce with exercise, so doing crunches, side bends, and planks won’t make the resistant belly fat go away.

Ab sculpting with SculpSure

If you’re still battling persistent belly fat despite your best efforts, it might be time for SculpSure. The noninvasive laser treatment targets the fat in your belly, heats the fat cells, and damages their structure. Then your lymphatic system processes the damaged cells and disposes of them -- for good.

One treatment takes less than 30 minutes and destroys up to 24% of the fat cells in the treated area. You may need a series of treatments for us to be able to sculpt the abs you’ve already earned. We’ll develop a treatment plan before we get started, so you’ll know what to expect.

It takes some time for your body to process the damaged fat cells and get rid of them. But you may start to see a trimmer, slimmer midsection after a month and a half, and the emergence of your new abs in three months.

While we can sculpt the body you want with SculpSure, it’s not meant to be used as a form of weight loss. You should be at, or close to, your goal weight before we start treatment.

Tips for keeping off the belly fat

Finally getting rid of stubborn tummy fat may feel like a dream come true, but you still need to work to maintain the results. SculpSure helps you shed a lot of unwanted fat, but the fat cells left on your body, even those in your abdomen, can grow bigger if you eat more calories than you burn.

To keep your midsection lean and sculpted, we recommend you continue to follow your healthy eating plan, being mindful of food choices and portion sizes to help maintain your weight.

We also recommend you keep up your exercise routine, including the crunches, side bends, and planks, to help keep your belly toned and lean so you can show them off.

If you’re ready to say “bye bye” to stubborn belly fat, give us a call or book an appointment online to start SculpSure.

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